I'm Christian (the guy behind Lluminissa),  a Peruvian native living in Barcelona for the past 10 years. 
Previously, I lived in California where I got most of my education and made lifetime friends.  As you could imagine I have spent most of my life adapting to new cultures, life styles, weather changes, language barriers and anything you can think of. Let’s see what destination I get to discover next.
At the age of 18, I got my hands on my very first SLR, an analog Minolta and a couple of zoom lenses. My adventure as a photographer got underway publishing my first images in my high school yearbook.  Later in 2006 I moved to the digital world when I purchased a Nikon D80.  This new toy required a new set of skills that would not only rely on my eyes but also in my ability with a computer.  The digital era blended my passion for photography and my curiosity for new technology.
Most of my experience are with portraits, landscapes, and street photography.  Nevertheless, I am always ready to experiment new crafts and take on challenging projects.
If you’re in the neighborhood and need some guidance around the best places to photograph or if you´re traveling but don’t want to do it alone.  Maybe you just want to get a coffee and talk about sports, food, and critique my images.  Or there is that special event and you want me to capture it.  Please feel free to contact me.

Candid shot by Issa Aitana (my little one)
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